Can I drop my child off to attend an Echidnas meeting?

  • No.  Echidnas is a group for both parents and students.  One cannot attend without the other.

Does Echidnas provide dinner?

  • Each family is responsible for bringing their own dinner.

What type of social activities does your group have?

  • Our group selects activities that will interest our student members.  Previous activities have included bowling, swimming, miniature golf, laser tag and restaurant dinners.

I have a third grader – can we join your group?

  • Unfortunately no.  Echidnas is designed to help teen mature socially to their young adult years.  The Teen Group is for students 13 years old to High School Graduation.  The Young Adult Group is for High School Graduates to age 24.

I have other children – can they come to the meetings?

  • We are not able to accommodate younger or older siblings or friends.  There is no where for the children to stay and no one to watch them.  While the Teen and Young Adult Groups meet, parents also meet to discuss future plans and our children’s lives.  It is not an appropriate place for kids.

How much are membership dues?

  • $35 per month.

Do I have to pay membership dues at my first meeting attended?

  • No.  We encourage you and your student to visit a minimum of three meetings to determine if this group is the right fit for your family.  After you are admitted, you must pay monthly dues.

Who runs this group?

  • Echidnas is organized and lead by its parent members as volunteers.  Each parent is encouraged to be an active member in this organization by participating in discussions and accepting a leadership role. We are all busy with our special needs child, jobs, families, hobbies, but many hands lighten the burden.  Please help out where you can.

Are you currently accepting new members?

  • Yes! Please fill out the Contact Form, and we will get back to you.  Look at our Privacy statement, and you will understand why we don’t have emails, addresses, or phone numbers on our website.